Weekly Shred Report – 5th April 2014

G’day skiers and boarders alike,

How amazing is this snow!!! Just the car park at Louise was knee deep. March was incredible, April keeps it coming.

How incredible, well lets take moment and look at some of the stats from around the hills:

  • Lake Louise saw a 23% increase in its base in March
  • WhiteWater had a 26% increase in its base jumping from 228cm to 309.
  • Sunshine had a better February but was a reasonable 18% increase from 170cm to 209cm.

Let’s stop now and focus in on Fernie, because they had a March that will be held to remember for the ages.
Of the 31 days in March, Fernie had 26 days with fresh snowfall!

Fernie’s base increase:



And incase you though April might be dying off, check out Sunshine Village LIVE from our friends at MountainWeather.ca


Resort of the week

Ok let’s get onto this week’s resort of the week, and no surprises it’s Fernie with another massive week, 135cm!


Top 10 Resorts with the most fresh snow

Ok now onto our top 10 resorts for the week:

  1. Fernie Alpine British Columbia 135
  2. Whitewater British Columbia 97
  3. Castle Mountain Alberta 89
  4. Sunshine Village Alberta 74
  5. Lake Louise Alberta 65
  6. Kicking Horse British Columbia 51
  7. Cypress Mountain British Columbia 41
  8. Whistler/Blackcomb British Columbia 39
  9. Revelstoke Mountain British Columbia 39
  10. Red Resort British Columbia 36

Have fun! Jussy


Weekly Shred Report – 22nd Mar 2014

Hey fellow snow hounds,

It’s been an incredible March for snowfall but the temperatures have been all over the place making for some crazy upside down layers of snow.
This and this is a costly and timely reminder that for those of us enjoying the mountains, we need to be constantly aware of the conditions.

Ok, lets get into some better news. What a month we’re having!

Fernie for example has a 30%+ increase in it’s base over Feb-Mar. Kicking Horse during the same period had a 25% increase, check it out below:


Resort of the week

This week’s resort of the week with an Australian ski seasons (186cm) worth of snow in only a week, again is Fernie. Kicking Horse wasnt far behind!


Top 10 Resorts with the most fresh snow

Ok now onto our top 10 resorts for the week:

  1. Fernie Alpine British Columbia 186
  2. Kicking Horse British Columbia 108
  3. Whitewater British Columbia 99
  4. Castle Mountain Alberta 95
  5. Panorama Mountain British Columbia 91
  6. Lake Louise Alberta 87
  7. Hemlock Valley Resort British Columbia 82
  8. Hudson Bay Mountain British Columbia 52
  9. Mt Seymour British Columbia 49
  10. Cypress Mountain British Columbia 4

Apologies for the tardiness between posts.

Have fun! Jussy


Weekly Shred Report – 9th Mar 2014

Howdy friends welcome to this week’s shred report!

Go March! Go marching straight to the hills, this is incredible! As usual March has come home with the cookies and laid down some brilliant fresh powder for us to chow down on.

Lets home some winds die down but wow this is what we’ve been waiting for.

Resort of the week

This week’s resort of the week with a season’s worth of snow in 1 week (which makes me question the data but hey) is Fernie. Closely followed by Whitewater who must be digging themselves out of this much snow.


Top 10 Resorts with the most fresh snow

Ok now onto our top 10 resorts across the freezing blue bird land:

  1. Fernie Alpine British Columbia 180
  2. Whitewater British Columbia 174
  3. Kicking Horse British Columbia 105
  4. Panorama Mountain British Columbia 96
  5. Silver Star British Columbia 86
  6. Sunshine Village Alberta 78
  7. Castle Mountain Alberta 76
  8. Apex Mountain British Columbia 61
  9. Revelstoke Mountain British Columbia 60
  10. Cypress Mountain British Columbia 60
Have fun!
Ski Cam of the Week - Island Lake

Ski Cam of the Week – Fernie

Week #11

We’ve waited a while for our friends down in Fernie British Columbia to be blessed with their famous boat loads of snow and this week it came down. Fernie was reporting 50+cm in 48 hours by Tuesday, making for amazing conditions mid week.

Let’s hope the other thing that Fernie is famous for rain doesn’t destroy this layer for those who weren’t lucky enough to enjoy it mid-week.


Here at PowderScope, we’re big fans of the Fernie Ski Hill and the quaint historical town of Fernie. There are so many options for powder hounds with an amazing mountain full of bowls, two fantastic cat operators (Island Lake & FWA, back country and cross country access all within a stones throw of the streets of Fernie. We love Fernie so much we’ve decided to have a bonus round this week and give you a glimpse into the world of Island Lake Cat Skiing.



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