Ski Cam of the Week - Sunshine Village

Stoke Of The Week – Slush Cup 2013

Week #7  – Slush Cup Sunshine Village

With Bears running across the Lake Louise ski area and the 2012/13 ski season now closed at most of the resorts across the northern hemisphere, it’s now time to celebrate the sunny slushy goodness that is late May with the Sunshine Village Slush Cup. Where we can re-live tails of epic powder days, trips to Reve and how you really missed out that one Tuesday! For newcomers, watch the video below.

Another solid season in the Canadian rockies!



P.S Early snow on the Oz ski fields! Could be another good season down there.

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CMS Heli

Stoke Of The Week – CMH Heli-Skiing ASCENSION

Week #4  – CMH Heli-Skiing ASCENSION

Canadian Mountain Holidays Heli Skiing from Monashees, Valemount, Revelstoke and plenty of other places.

This is especially stoke inducing as i’m heading out to Revelstoke to go Heli Skiing with Tangiers this weekend.


What i like the most about this flick is that it seems to mix absolutely amazing skiing and conditions with straight legged landings and crashes. Then it throws some great camera work at 4:57 and back to more standard up hill facing shots. The music change half way through could of been more slick as that song doesnt work for me but hey.

It’s an intriguing mix of new and old school ski films and i’m a fan.



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Stoke of the Week - Tiny Day At Jackson Hole

Stoke Of The Week – A Tiny Day in Jackson Hole

Week #3  – Ski Resorts Tiny Day

This one is a year old but still enjoyable to watch. The video is of a typical delightful skiers day in Jackson Hole but short with a miniature effect.

The actual process to shoot something like this is intriguing and time consuming. The film maker takes individual photos, applies an effect in PhotoShop, does some final editing before using Final Cut to stitch the animation together so you see it as a video.



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Into The Mind

Stoke Of The Week – Into The Mind

Week #2 – Into The Mind

Well this week we bring you Sherpa Cinema’s next hit film due to be released in Fall 2013 – Into The Mind. It certainly ticks all the annoying factors i posted about previously but i just love the cinematography that Sherpa Cinema’s deliver. What i love is that it inspires more than just snowboarding or skiing or surfing it inspires travel and travel that broadens the mind!

Can’t wait for the full release.

At the two minute mark check out the sick crash.



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Stoke Of The Week – Superhero’s of Stoke

Week #2 – Superhero’s of Stoke

Sttoooooke of the weeeeeek! Yup that time again and this week Matchstick Productions brings us a trailer of epic proportions, showcasing 20 years of skiing progression and the personalities that go along with it. From places like Chatter Creek in BC to Alaska and Japan it is sure to get you chasing the white fluffy stuff.

Thanks to Macca who recommended this flick to us!


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Stoke Of The Week

G’day PowderScopers,

Today we are pleased to announce a new blog feature we call Stoke Of The Week (said with a huge echo). Stoke Of The Week is content to get your amped up and stoked for the weekend or next ski trip. It will feature video’s or photo galleries of the most stoke inducing content curated from the best snowboard and ski websites the interweb has to offer.

Our team will be scouring the web for this content however if you find something you want features on PowderScope then for god sake Tell US!!! 

The first Stoke Of The Week is Revelstoke